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Telefonix PDT is a design, development and manufacturing company with more than two decades of aviation experience. The company offers services beginning with user research and concept development, continuing with user experience design thru mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, prototyping, certification and testing, and, finally, ongoing manufacturing and lifecycle management. Telefonix was founded on the strength of its retractable cabling technology, while PDT was founded on its understanding of the consumer electronics industry. Together, Telefonix PDT has evolved its competencies delivering successful product solutions to customers around the world. The company's latest innovations are centered around its Summit line of Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) equipment, which is comprised of state-of-the-art system components that serve as building blocks to create or customize the ideal IFEC system.

FeiTian is a leading civil avionics, rail transportation electronics product and solution provider of industrial internet field, specialized in "Large-Scale Transport" industry. The headquarters is located in Beijing Zhongguancun, with the production base of rail transportation electronics in Chengdu, the production base of avionics electronics in Mianyang, and the global avionics R&D and Airworthiness/Certification Center in Los Angeles, U.S.

For more than 36 years, Panasonic Avionics has strengthened the connection between the world's airlines and their passengers. We are recognized globally for our experience and leadership in product innovation and customization, system reliability, and customer care.

Boya Avionics Team is found by a group of perfectionists. We not only offer the internet and avionics communication system operation service, but also provide the inspiration and confidence for life and work. The urge for pursuit of perfection and excellence is deeply rooted in our DNA. With more than 20 years' rich experience of success in international electronic communications, satellite communications and the information and entertainment platform system, Boya Avionics provide cabinet digital integrated information entertainment solutions and operation scheme to large commercial aircrafts and general aeroplanes around the world and also the broadband real-time communication and internet application platform application to the airlines.
The experts of Boya have forensics experience of the Federal Aviation Administration FAA-STC and the Civil Aviation Administration of China CAAC-VSTC, MDA. The large platform system multidimensional internet application platform(MFAP) which is developed by our R&D team independently, offers customized cloud passenger service and airborne mobile internet products to rise the customer satisfaction. For passengers, flight is a closed, boring and relatively painful experience. Based on this, Boya Avionics take the opportunity to use the end network and software tp build entertainment service platform for nearly 400 million passengers to elimination the dullness and increase the service quality during the flight so that we can improve the passenger experience and the brand of airlines. In addition, Boya also help airlines to create the value of added services, increase financial revenue, improve overall management and operating efficiency, toreduce costs, to strengthen safety monitoring in real time.

Global Eagle Entertainment INC (GEE) provides the satellite connectivity of inflight entertainment system, to help airlines offer new and interesting entertainment facilities as well as product options for passengers. At present, GEE serves to 150 Worldwide Airlines, now has more than 650 aircrafts equipped with satellite broadband service, which is more than any other connectivity provider in the world. GEE connectivity and content solutions include hardware, software, fully certified engineering services, business planning support, and Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions approved by all major Hollywood studios. GEE provides all service airlines need in collaboration with local China satellite and telecommunications service providers. GEE is listed on the NASDAQ Exchange (stock symbol: ENT).

Connectivity in Cloud(CIC) is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the development and operation of the internet technology and is dedicated to providing airborne internet service solutions to the hardware, system and the software. CIC will create cabin Wi-Fi in several phase and is able to quickly transform the air-to-ground connectivity. CIC have independently developed a full set of software system based on the WI-FI hardware OS, including the system, application and user interface layer.
CIC has always been focused on science and technological innovation, to provide customers with a wealth of multimedia entertainment, business information, games, social communication and destination guide and other services to increase passenger satisfaction.
To make the flight more beautiful is our belief and mission!

GAC is a leading IFC provider in China. We are committed to providing broadband communications and information services for commercial airlines by utilizing satellite technologies. The management team consists of experienced people from industries of telecommunication, Internet, information security and aviation. GAC is recognized as a High-Tech Enterprise since 2014 in Beijing.

Air Media has a 90% market share in avionics media and a leading share of the traditional airport media resources in China. It has created an aviation media network that covers major domestic airports in cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and seven airline companies with more than 2550 air routes. For digital media at the airports, Air Media, with its technical and operational strength, has established a TV and ADF network system in major domestic airports across the country. For traditional airport media, through integrating creativity and effectiveness, Air Media best utilizes the advantageous airport media resources.
Air Media has also taken the initiative and marched into the Internet and mobile Internet market. It has achieved fruitful reform and innovation in in-flight PAD and WIFI, PAD and WIFI in high-speed train, and airport interactive screens to lead the public transport service experience in China into a new pattern. Air media is currently developing the railway WIFI market, and it has obtained quite a market share in the sector.
In future, Air Media will continue its progress focusing on "high-end influence" and " networking media" to build up a new media paradigm in China.


1. Beijing Startime Telecommunications Technology Co.,LTD is confirmed to send a group of delegates to this event.   2. FeiTian United(Beijing) System Technology Co., Ltd is confirmed to be Silver Sponsor and will deliver a key presentation on Day One.   3. Air China Technics confirmed to send four senior executives to join ICT2015+.   4. China Southern Airlines Co.,Ltd Sales &Marketing Department /E-Commerce Department confirmed to send a group delegates to join ICT2015+.   5. China Southern Air Holding Media Company Limited confirmed to send a group delegates to join ICT2015+.   6. China Southern Airlines Co.,Ltd Maintenance & Engineering Department confirmed to send a group delegates to join ICT2015+.   7. Eastern Airlines Technic Co.,Ltd confirmed to send a group delegates to join ICT2015+.   8. China Eastern Airlines Director Transformation Office confirmed to send a group delegates to join ICT2015+.   9. Telefonix confirmed joining this ICT2015+ as Silver Sponsor.     10. AsiaInfo Technologies(China),Inc. confirmed joining ICT2015+.   11. Advantech Wireless confirmed joining ICT2015+.  12. China Academy of Telecommunication Research, MIIT confirmed joining ICT2015+.   13. Aircraft Airworthiness Institute Center of Aviation Safety Technology (CAST) CAAC China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology confirmed joining ICT2015+.   14. China Airline Pilots Association confirmed joining ICT2015+.   15. China Air Transport Association(CATA) Standards Office confirmed joining ICT2015+.